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Song: Tomorrow Never Dies
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Album: 5 Seconds of Summer (Bonus Track Edition)
Plays: 21,166

It’s hard to see the enemy when you’re looking at yourself
Maybe your reflection shows you’re screaming out for help
And you try your best to just keep up and your feet they fall behind
But the beat you’re marching to you keep with every time

Oh the sun will rise
Like a flame ignites
We’re not done til we say it’s over, we won’t fade away
Oh the sun will rise                                                                         Tomorrow never dies

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Song: The Great Escape
Artist: Boys Like Girls
Album: Boys Like Girls
Plays: 568

Throw it away
Forget yesterday
We’ll make the great escape
We won’t hear a word they say
They don’t know us anyway
Watch it burn
Let it die
Cause we are finally free tonight

Tonight will change our lives
It’s so good to be by your side
We’ll cry
We won’t give up the fight
We’ll scream loud at the top of our lungs
And they’ll think it’s just cause we’re young
And we’ll feel so alive

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Song: Independence Day
Artist: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Album: She Looks So Perfect
Plays: 39,380

You’ve got to go
It’s the end of the road
No matter what you do or say

Baby you’re not what I need
I’m over this
I’m over you
I’m not gonna waste my life away

This is my independence day
I’m moving on there’s no excuse
And I can’t take away your pain

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Song: Waiting for My Chance to Come
Artist: Noah and the Whale
Album: Last Night on Earth
Plays: 96

'Cause it's hard to feel like, you're worth something in this life
When you’re walking next to me, I can hear my body speak
We’re just waiting for a chance to come
We’re just waiting for a chance to come

And no one’s gunna get in my way
Gunna figure it out for myself
Yeah no one’s gunna make me stay
Gunna figure it out for myself

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Song: Bread For Brat
Artist: The Hidden Cameras
Album: Age
Plays: 78

Bread for brat
And tear for tough
The prick of black
Face the fact ,he won’t 
Work for scrap
If you are,take the ride off the way
Pull it to nothing
It keeps shaking all the way

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Song: Close As Strangers
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Album: 5 Seconds of Summer (Target Deluxe Version)
Plays: 213,918

Oh everyday
You feel a little bit further away
And I don’t know what to say
Are we wasting time
talking on a broken line
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
I feel like we’re as close as strangers
I won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
Every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we’re as close as strangers

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Song: I Was Wrong
Artist: Surfer Blood
Album: Pythons
Plays: 506

In a place riddled with liars and fools
You are now taking the high road out
All along I was wrong I was wrong I’m
Moving on with or without

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Song: crushcrushcrush
Artist: Paramore
Album: RIOT!
Plays: 572

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone
Just the one-two of us, who’s counting on
That never happens
I guess I’m dreaming again
Let’s be more than this

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Song: Take What You Can Carry
Artist: The Maine
Album: Forever Halloween
Plays: 154

You get what you pay for
Unless you take a little more
What’s the delay for?
Ain’t nothing but a thunderstorm

This girl is crazy talented 

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Song: Bang
Artist: Nikki Yanofsky
Album: Little Secret
Plays: 125

He’s the one they always call
And the one I’m falling for
Such a dangerous love
cause there’s one thing, one thing that he’s known for

Bang Bang Bang Bang
My babe ll’ get ya
Bang Bang Bang Bang
he’ll send you to your
grave grave grave grave
There’s nothing that can
Save save save
Save your soul!

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Song: Necessary Evil
Artist: Nikki Yanofsky
Plays: 386

I should lose these wicked ways, I know this can’t be good for you
So tell me that you love these games, you don’t mind being used do you?
Maybe I love it, maybe I need it
Maybe there aint no other way to try and please me

Yeah there might be hell to pay, but right now I got it made

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Song: Take Your Mama Out
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Scissor Sisters
Plays: 62

Now we end up takin’ the long way home
Lookin’ overdressed wearin’ buckets of stale cologne
It’s so hard to see streets on a country road
When your glasses in the garbage
And your Continental’s just been towed

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Song: Animal Life
Artist: Shearwater
Album: Animal Joy
Plays: 408

Charging down the maw of the ocean
I want to come close, I want to come closer
I held your name inside my mouth
Through all the days out wandering
But called up from the mouth of oblivion, 
Cast away like dogs from the shelter
I shed the dulling armor plates
That once collected radiance
And, surging at the blood’s perimeter:
The half remembered wild interior
Of an animal life

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Song: Maps
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: Maps - Single
Plays: 4,888

I miss taste of the sweet life
I miss the conversation
I’m searching for a song tonight
I’m changing all of the stations
I like to think that, we had it all
We drew a map to a better place
But on that road I took a fall
Oh baby why did you run away?